CAT Master of Finance CAT Program

CAT Master of Finance

The 12-month certification program offered by the CAT Institute has now been developed to facilitate prospective candidates to obtain a Masters degree. From now on the CAT Program’s candidates may continue and join the Postgraduate Program to earn their Master of Management degree through 5 additional courses.

Steps have been taken to develop the level of focus put into the financial management field in order to fulfill human necessities that involves the power of analysis along with strategic, tactical rankings, as well as operations in carrying out tasks in their respective fields. These include the extraction of both local and international funds and the mobilizing of physical and non-physical investment funds effectively and with efficiency. Furthermore, strategic and adaptive capabilities in business development are highly necessary. Development, in this case, refers to the increase of share value through horizontal and vertical integration by means of acquisitions or mergers along with business diversification and restructuring, are highly necessary.

The power of analysis is enriched by the support of basic and functional courses in order to be able to manage overall business activities in companies and non-profit organizations.

Through a Masters' degree, you are given the opportunity to advance your understanding of a particular topic or take off in a different direction by applying the that have been gained during your bachelor's degree.


A Master of Management would find a variety of different fields of specialization. IMMI University is ready to provide opportunities to those who want to earn the title of "Master of Management" specializing in capital markets and derivative business. With an addition of 5 courses done for 8 months after the one-year course of the CAT program. All of these leads to careers in the financial market industry. An expert in the field of the financial market is increasingly important and are highly in demand by business owners, thus increasing your career opportunities.The 5 courses we provide for the Master’s program are:

  • Depository & Non Depository
  • Risk management & Insurance
  • Financial Services Marketing Strategy
  • Financial management
  • Capital Market Regulation & Law
In order to meet the standards set above, the IMMI University has created a mission carried out by the CAT Postgraduate Program:
  • Undergo a high-quality educational process.
  • Keeping the quality of the Postgraduate Program constant by implementing a high-level management approach.
  • Providing adequate educational facilities and advice, both in terms of quantitative and qualitative aspects.
  • Developing new ideas as a contribution to the scientific world, especially in the field of capital markets and derivative business.
  • Able to create reliable quality human resources with competencies and special expertise in the field of financial markets, able to work and adapt to changes and developments in the field of economics and technology.