Level Study CAT Program

CATis an intensive course program of 12 months to educate candidates to become professional traders and other financial market practitioners. The program consists of classroom and online learning for over 50 meetings, so participants from various regions are able to attend meetings in their own comfort. Multimedia and interactive learning methods are provided in order to support learning that would expectedly allow students to learn better and comfortably.

This program is attended by many participants from various groups in various regions. In total there have been 10 batches to date. There are 3 levels in the CAT Program which are equipped with thesis making and competency tests until they are declared a pass and given certification. After that, students will graduate from the CAT study program. It is expected that graduates from this program will be able to compete in the era of the ASEAN Economic Community which has been implemented since the end of 2015.

CAT uses a program syllabus designed to provide deeper knowledge of the world of Financial Market. The syllabus consists of 3 levels that will be taught within a year.

The following are 3 levels that exist in the CAT program:

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Basic knowledge

Price is the first step required to study the financial market more broadly in order to see trend conditions. Candidates will be able to forecast prices and find trends in the trend reversal extreme point from the introduction of financial markets to basic fundamentals.

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Time Forecast

At this level, candidates will learn to identify current and future trend conditions. Candidates combine momentum and market volatility with the help of Astrology and Planetary Science. As a result, each candidate will be able to know the direction of price and time.

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Mind Money Management

At the level of "mind & money management", the candidates will be given top material such as capital management, mastery of mind and emotions, and the ability to do formal research. After all three levels are completed, the candidate will complete the thesis and final test to get the CAT title.