Learning Process CAT Program

The teaching and learning process in the CAT program is not only accessible offline, but we also provide provisions to the candidates to be able to broaden their knowledge to a wider extent in trading with reference books from the CAT Institute as well as the Module which contains material from the CAT program. Other than the offline learning method, we also provide access to online learning methods that would certainly help candidates to receive content wherever and whenever.

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Through the CAT material video, candidates can carry out the learning process before the class starts and review the material that has been passed.

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The CAT learning process is done face to face directly (class meeting) and indirectly (webinar). Class webinars prove to be very effective and can be easily followed by candidates no matter where they are.

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Class Meeting

Make sure you are always present during face-to-face meetings (class meeting) in order to interact more intensely with the instructor and other candidates.

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Group Community

CAT Program provides group chats that are used to communicate, consult and share with fellow trading partners or with lecturers.

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Learning Material

Material learning is the main key of every learning. To facilitate candidates with mobility and busy activities, CAT provides learning material in the form of books and DVDs that can be easily accessed.

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The teaching and learning process in the CAT program is available in the form of online and offline. The candidates receive provisions to add insight through reference books and also CAT program material modules in the form of DVDs and handbooks. Candidates can access lessons from anywhere and anytime more easily.