Story by: Karlina Armady
Published: January 24, 2018
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Karlina is a Senior Trading Advisor who has more than 5 years experience in financial trading. She also manage the famous CAT certification program Institute as school principal. She is here to inspire you with great stories and motivations.

Traders who have not been profitable in general have read and studied thousands of trading systems and strategies. It is undeniable, trading is the most attractive and profitable business. If done correctly, it can provide a "fantastic" benefit, but after reading about thousands of strategies, traders often forget the most basic and most important things that cause the light of profit to be achieved, which is COST OF TRADE

Trading, like other businesses, certainly has a cost to carry out an action that has the potential of profit or loss. For example, in your travel business, you must take into account the costs of fuel and etc.

Just like trading. You have to take into account the spread or commission costs. Moreover, what you must pay attention to is money management in trading. The more you take into account while being wise in distributing trading COST, your psychology will also be organized.

There is a quote that I like and relative to this article. I hope you can apply this to your trading.

“You build on cost and you borrow on value” Quote By Paul Reichmann