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Gema Goeyardi, MM, CAT, CWM, CFTe, CSA, CTA

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Our History

Along with the development of time, activities in the capital market experienced many changes. Especially in the era of the 21st century as it is today, where the capital market industry has become an economic barometer of a country. Finally, today, over one million people have invested in the capital market industry. Even some people have considered this industry as "Business of the Present".

When Astronacci was founded, It was highly important to develop and share the knowledge kept within this company. Many people ask why we wanted to share this "holy grail". For us, this knowledge was a gift from God that came with the responsibility to share it, hence, the CAT Institute was created which is a useful place to learn for those who want to become more serious in exploring the world of trading and want to achieve international standard proficiency.

CAT Institute has a CAT program (Chartered Astronacci Trader) which is a certification program and an intensive course of 12 months. It is expected that candidates would become a professional trader and fund manager who is able to manage investment funds successfully. We believe CAT Institute can guide investors to achieve their dreams, namely financial success.

Enjoy your trip with the CAT Institute, God bless.

Our Purpose

CATProgram is able to fulfill the required trading skill and help you to achieve goals through trading skills along with changing your portfolio from losses to profits.


Financial Freedom

Armed with the skills and knowledge gained from the CAT Program, candidates are able to become professional traders with profit growth performance that is consistent and enjoys financial freedom.


See the Future

Through the CAT Program, candidates have the opportunity to see price movements, trends and times that have not occurred yet in the future of the stock, forex and gold markets. Imagine what you would do if you know that tomorrow, the stock price will increase by 10%? You will take action right?


Build Career

We shape candidates of the CAT Program to be qualified to become Technical Analysts, Fund Managers, Professional Traders and trainers.


Professional Trader

Besides being able to work for leading companies and institutions, candidates are also qualified to become a confident, organized, and an emotionally stable professional trader.



The CAT Program also provides a community within traders that has joined as a member. This community can become an opportunity for candidates to broaden relations and shape their mindset along with cultural community.


Chartered Astronacci Trader (CAT) announces refund and cancellation policy as follows:

CAT Student would not receive any refund for a cancellation their program due to a personal reason that mentioned,
a) If The CAT Institute states that CAT students are eligible to take the program by sending proof of acceptance to student.,
b) CAT Student are not satisfied with services,
c) The different point of view with CAT Student to other student and CAT Student to Astronacci, d) Other reason that will be mentioned in next term.

- The CAT Institute reserves the right to refuse or cancel program in Chartered Astronacci Trader (CAT) at any time and for any reason. Should The CAT institute refuses or cancel program, student will not get any refund for the remaining portion of their program at the time of termination.

- All benefits and incentives received by student must be cancelled /returned to the The CAT Institute.

As The Chartered Astronacci Trader (CAT) applicant you should read and accept the refund and cancellation policy in Prior to start the course. The CAT student will be considered agree and accept the terms and conditions including refund policy once deliver the payment

By signing this agreement I hereby accept all refund and cancellation policy. I will also release CAT Institute for any future liability for any financial risk caused by investment activity.