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CAT (Chartered Astronacci Trader) is a certification program and an intensive course of 12 months for those eager to explore the world of trading internationally and with proficiency. In this CAT program, you will study Astronacci science, a combination of Fibonacci and Financial Astrology, as the main methods of trading stocks and forex.

Candidates will undergo 3 levels while studying stock and forex trading and are given a competency test in order to become professionals in the field of financial markets such as professional traders, fund managers, capital market analysts, etc.

In this program, you will encounter an interactive and highly enjoyable learning experience in trading, which we have designed in such a way that participants leave with optimal results as this is our top most priority hence, we have created teaching methods that would be done in live classes and online classes with over 50 meetings.

Our philosophy

The CAT Program was established with the aim of helping stock and forex traders to become professionals by going through several stages that would explore the participants’ skills and knowledge.

While learning to trade on the CAT program, candidates will be provided with the knowledge on how to trade stocks and forex properly in order for CAT Program participants to become professional traders with consistent and stable profit growth results.

The CAT Program guides its participants through several stages of the module while studying stock and forex trading so that participants are able to find their own style of trading and their own trading system. At the end of the program, candidates are expected to be able to create a trading personal trading system.

The CAT Program maintains, encourages, and supports standard and professionalism along with ethics among analysts of capital market players.

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3 Level Study

Basic Knowledge

Price Action Strategy

Your first step into the analysis of a wider financial market. In this level, you will figure out how to trade stocks and forex by looking at the conditions of the trend. At the end of the program, candidates are able to create a price prediction and decide peak extreme areas of the reverse trend from a general understanding of the financial market and macroeconomy up to fundamental analysis.

Analysis Time and Price

Planetary & Time Trading

In the second stage, you will examine how time is calculated and predict future stock and forex movements with planetary cycles and geometric time. Learning to trade using financial astrology allows participants to buy stocks or forex at the lowest price and close at the best price. Traders will also be trained to know the timing of the reversal of stock and Forex prices in advance.

Mind Money Management

Mind & Money Management

In the final level of the CAT Program, you will analyze risk management in stock and forex trading. You will also learn to control your emotions and thoughts in psychological trading. At the end of the level, you will take the final competency test to receive the title of Chartered Astronacci Trader (CAT).

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Learning Process


Through CAT’s video materials, you will carry out the process of learning online trading with the self-study method used prior to the class or reviewing materials in class offline or online to optimize the two-way discussion process between the speaker and participants.


In addition to the video learning process, CAT Institute also possesses other methods of stock and forex trading, namely through webinars. This webinar class is available to meet the needs of traders outside of Jakarta or for traders with a tight schedule.

Class Meeting

Make sure you are always present in each Class Meeting in order to interact more intensely with the instructor and other candidates. These Class Meetings also aims to add a network of participants in the world of trading.

Group Community

CAT Program also provides group chats used for communication, consultation or for sharing with fellow traders and/or mentor.

Self Study & Preparation Test

The CAT Program’s syllabus is built over the self-study method hence, you are expected to have studied the video materials and have mastered the material prior to the classes.

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